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Regardless of an “official” diagnosis, AANE is here to support you in your questions about your Asperger profile. That said, many people choose to seek a diagnosis from a professional for many reasons. This process can be confusing to anyone, as the designations can change from year to year, and there is on-going debate among professionals and non-professionals regarding the parameters of. I have Aspergers, by the way (clinically diagnosed) and even though its called high functioning autism in America, Aspergers aren’t functioning well or easily at all! It’s just called that because the learning and speech impairments aren’t as severe as the autism on the most severe end of the spectrum.

Aspie adults' anger issues can cause serious problems if not dealt with. Read this Bright Hub article by Debbie Roome to find out how controlling anger looks and the best ways to overcome the problem.Author: Debbie Roome. As an adult woman with Aspergers let me tell you what’s it’s like to live with us. First, we are highly intelligent. But, like any other human we are vulnerable to environmental influences, for instance, if you put an Aspie Woman in a situation where she has an autistic child and must fight for that child in our social system, you will be.

Jun 23, 2017 · When you meet someone who has Asperger's syndrome, you might notice two things right off. He's just as smart as other folks, but he has more trouble with social skills. He also tends to have an. 10 Most Common Symptoms of Asperger’s. Asperger’s syndrome is a kind of pervasive developmental disorder, or PDD. A PDD combines a number of symptoms and conditions that result in the delaying of the development of normal human skills. Largely, the skills affected are social skills, and the ability to communicate with others.