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When to consider a hearing implant for adults; When to consider a hearing implant for your child; Your Cochlear stories. These stories can inspire you. They are stories of people who have been exactly where you are, who want to share their stories and inspire hope. Patrick H. was implanted with Cochlear Implants shortly after his first. This is the second post from Claire Stancliffe, a MED-EL cochlear implant recipient. In her last post she introduced her childhood with hearing loss and now her cochlear implant story continues with the first months after she received a cochlear implant.. First of all, I Author: MED-EL.

Cynthia enjoys an active life with her Baha Implant. Single-sided deafness can make everyday activities more difficult—from crossing the street to eating in a busy restaurant. Just ask Cynthia M. who suddenly lost all hearing in her left ear overnight. While ordinary hearing aids couldn't help, a Cochlear hearing solution could. Watch her story. Cochlear implant Stories. 726 likes. Cochlear Implants Stories Hey everyone, please welcome to our cochlear implants stories. This blog will be fun Followers: 717.

– Carole is an adult cochlear implant recipient who grew up with hearing aids. She shares her obstacles of overcoming hearing loss while growing up and raising her daughter. Rachel D. -Rachel is an adult cochlear implant recipient who learned to speak several languages and is an active advocate for listening and spoken language.