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The worst of all these unhealthy habits on this list is smoking. Not only is smoking one of the leading causes of death, it can also lead to: Increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Lung cancer. Increased risk of chronic bronchitis. Leukemia. Kidney cancer. Cancer of the larynx. Mar 22, 2018 · 20 Terrible Teenage Health Habits Older People Still Have 1 Skipping Breakfast. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. 2 Eating Whole Meals Out of Vending Machines. 3 Sleeping In. Just because you don’t have a traditional work schedule doesn’t mean you should wake Author: Sarah Crow.

Aug 18, 2014 · Technology has taken over the mind of the youth, thus it is one of the bad habits of young people. Junking On Junk Junk food is healthy and keeps one fit, a notion followed by every teen.Author: Denise. Long-Term Habits. For example, i you ate a lot of vegetables as a child, you're more likely to consume them as an adult. Furthermore, you're also less likely to begin bad habits later in life, such as eating too much junk food, soda pop and fried foods, if you didn't eat them as a child.