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Adults Living with FASD. Adults are increasingly vulnerable to the secondary disabilities associated with FASD such as trouble with the law, mental health problems, an inability to live independently, and victimization. Adults are more likely to be unemployed and often struggle to manage the money in . Mar 23, 2016 · Secondary Conditions of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome During Adulthood. The effects of FAS can be especially difficult to navigate during adulthood when individuals are expected to take care of themselves. Adults with FAS often need support as they try to navigate housing, employment, transportation, and money management.2.2/5(5).

FAS and Inappropriate Sexual Behavior. Researchers report that individuals with FAS are more likely to exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior, such as inappropriate advances and inappropriate touching. FAS children who have also been a victim of violence are even . Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): This is the most severe end of the spectrum and can result in the death of a fetus during pregnancy. In adults, FAS can result in congenital disabilities, growth problems, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities.

FAS and other spectrum disorders affect children differently. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can include: Problems with the heart, kidney, and/or bones. Learning disabilities and low IQ. Trouble with memory, coordination, and attention. Hyperactivity. Problems with sleep and. The behavior of persons with FAS/E is not non-compliant behaviour; it is non-competent behaviour. The behaviours and functions associated with FAS/E and pre-natal exposure to alcohol are not developmental delays.