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Jul 15, 2010 · Acute gastroenteritis is a very common disease. It causes significant mortality in developing countries and significant economic burden to developed countries. Viruses are responsible for approximately 70% of episodes of acute gastroenteritis in children and rotavirus is Cited by: 72. Acute viral gastroenteritis is a common cause of illness resulting in visits to the emergency department and outpatient clinics in the United States. In addition, acute viral gastroenteritis causes outbreaks in certain closed communities, such as nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships.

In this guideline, specific pediatric details are provided in each section as appropriate. ORT is a cost-effective method of managing acute gastroenteritis and it reduces hospitalization requirements in both developed and developing countries. Prevention of acute diarrhea. In the prevention of adult and childhood diarrhea. also oft en referred to as gastroenteritis, and some acute gastro-intestinal infections may cause a vomiting predominant illness with little or no diarrhea. Th is guideline provides recommendations for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of acute gastrointestinal infec-tion focusing primarily on immune-competent adult individuals.

15 rows · 4. Degree of dehydration, see dehydration guideline: Investigations In most children with . Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) 1. Given these are usually not covered by insurance, suggest over-the-counter adult capsules of lactobacillus – 1 per day sprinkled on food 2. Consider OTC liquid formulation if sprinkles not tolerated 3. There is no systematic evidence to support yogurt as a probiotic after acute gastroenteritis. iii.