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Adults with Special Needs and Learning Disabilities. Adults with with special needs and learning disabilities (also called adult learning difficulties or intellectual difficulties in some countries) often have difficulties with communication which can be related to speech Author: Joe. The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) protects adults with disabilities including learning disabilities (LD) in higher education programs and employment. This section contains an overview of how these laws and others can protect the civil rights of adults with LD. Read articles.

Find out how dyslexia is diagnosed in adults.There are many resources that can help you find specialists in your area. That includes local chapters of the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), an Understood founding partner.. You can also learn about tools like assistive technology (AT) for reading and writing.AT is very common today, and many tools, like text-to-speech, are Author: Alexis Clark, MA, MS. This is why learning disabilities are referred to as “hidden disabilities”: the person looks perfectly “normal” and seems to be a very bright and intelligent person, yet may be unable to demonstrate the skill level expected from someone of a similar age. A learning disability cannot be cured or fixed; it .

There are many strategies that can be used to help adults with learning disabilities or special needs. Click on the links below: Total Communication This is a holistic view of communication, often using a range of modalities or even thinking “outside the box” to create a Author: Joe. At least half the adults with learning disabilities still live with their parents, without the opportunities to learn independent living skills and make choices about how they live their lives. With the right support, there is no reason why the great majority of people with a learning disability should not enjoy living independently, working at.