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Adults need to keep their vaccinations up to date because immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off over time. You are also at risk for different diseases as an adult. Vaccination is one of the most convenient and safest preventive care measures available. All . When should adults get the MMR vaccine? The CDC says most adults born in 1957 or later should get at least one dose of the MMR vaccine. Because of the risk of birth defects, all women of Author: Rebecca Buffum Taylor.

Adults Ages 27 Through 64. Did you know that it’s just as important for you to stay on top of your vaccinations now as it was when you were a child? You need a flu shot every year — and you may need additional doses of some vaccines to help you stay protected from diseases. And as you age — or your lifestyle or health conditions change. indicated for adults ages 19 years and older, as of February 1, 2014. For all vaccines being recommended on the Adult Immunization Schedule.

Vaccinations for Adults You’re never too old to get vaccinated! Getting vaccinated is a lifelong, life-protecting job. Don’t leave your healthcare provider’s office without making sure you’ve had all the vaccinations you need. Hepatitis A (HepA) Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) Meningococcal ACWY. The once-a-year flu vaccine is a must for older adults. Up to 85 percent of seasonal flu-related deaths are for people 65 and older, accord­ing to the CDC.