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What should your sexual harassment policy contain? As outlined above, there are some minimum requirements for materials that should be included in a sexual harassment policy for any business. While a law firm is a business, there are also some unique elements to running a law firm that may require additional information in some of these sections. Nov 10, 2000 · Recently, a male law firm partner's unusual interest in a female associate's body and clothing cost him $50,000, as a result of her successful sexual harassment lawsuit. He should have known better. What's more, the law firm's failure to prevent and correct such harassment was a mistake that cost the firm $200,000.

5 Steps to Fighting Sexual Harassment within Law Firms. By: Teresa Lo. 5 Steps to Fighting Sexual Harassment at Law Firms If you end up filing a lawsuit, you must show that you made an effort to follow company policy and procedure. Author: Teresa Lo. The Gertsburg Law Firm is providing this sample sexual harassment policy to use for your business. It is an example of the most strict and aggressive policy .

One of the most important things an employer can do is to adopt an effective sexual harassment policy, including a procedure for employees to raise complaints about harassment. Implementing a Sexual Harassment Policy. Establish a Written Policy Prohibiting Harassment; Make Sure the Policy Includes the Right ProvisionsAuthor: Nolo. May 24, 2017 · One key reason sexual harassment is still pervasive in big law firms, where employees are cognizant of the law, is due to a lack of effective policies and complaint channels. A law firm’s internal policies or workplace culture may discourage victims of sexual harassment from reporting inappropriate behavior and expose them to the risk of.