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thumb suspension - CMC Arthroplasty of the Thumb: A Review

May 19, 2015 · Thumb CMCJ arthritis: a new technique of suspensionplasty (Mini tightrope) Caroline Leclercq 1 BMC Proceedings volume 9, Article number: A51 (2015) | Download Citation Osteoarthritis of the thumb CMC joint is the most frequent degenerative arthritis in the upper limb. It is a very common cause of pain, loss of strength and functional impairment Author: Caroline Leclercq. The thumb will generally be stiffer after fusion of the 1st CMC joint, but pain will be reduced and power will be better. Removal of the trapezium is a good choice for people with disabling pan-trapezial arthritis. Pain is much less, mobility is preserved but strength may not be increased. Suspension arthroplasty is a term describing the use of.

" Hand surgeons who document thumb carpometa-carpal stabilization" " "Eaton procedure" or "LRTI" in their notes often stump orthopedic coders who cannot locate any such descriptors in CPT. Although orthopedists may refer to the surgery differently 25447 (Arthroplasty interposition intercarpal or carpometacarpal joints) fits the bill for all of these nicknames. Basilar thumb arthritis, sometimes referred to as thumb arthritis, is a common form of arthritis that affects the carpal-metacarpal joint of the thumb. Treatment is nonoperative or operative depending on the severity of symptoms and Eaton and Littler stage of disease.3.9/5.

Suture suspension thumb CMC arthroplasty provides comparable clinical results and several advantages over many current techniques that are described in the literature. The advantages include shortened operative time, inherent stability of the thumb metacarpal height, and no necessity for K-wire fixation, tendon transfers, or implants.Author: Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, Robin N. Kamal, Gabrielle M. Paci, Barrett A. Weiss, Kalpit N. Shah. Thumb CMC Joint Arthroplasty Therapist Protocol DAVID GESENSWAY, MD WEEK 1: Patient should elevate the arm above the level of the heart as much as possible, and do digit flexion and extension exercises and FDS glides hourly, to help reduce swelling (see.