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Jun 03, 2009 · However they are more expensive than the cheap Surlyn ones used by most golfers. Many cruise liners and people in general buy the cheap crap to wack into the sea. Some do it for the performance because the bio-balls don't travel as far or feel the same as the poly balls. And don't get me started on the ecological damage of golf courses! I play the Duo as Wilson is still with me as they have been for many yrs. and trying the K 3 pc. is a good ball for my slow swing speed which barely breaks the speed limit in a School Zone. At 79 I need that and so do a ton of Golfers. Sure, it doesn’t stop like the old Balata, but if you can play a lick you can adjust.

In most cases, the flex of your shafts should remain constant throughout your set. If you decide to do something different than this, make sure and work with a certified club fitter. Brand Recognition. Most avid golfers are also followers of professional golf. It is hard to ignore manufacturers attempts to get us to take notice of their products. The Srixon Z-STAR XV golf ball delivers unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better. energetic gradient growth (e.g.g.) core technology KEY INNOVATION: Redesigned Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core.

Dec 18, 2013 · If a golfer doesn’t have the swing speed of a tour pro, are they really going to get the most out of a tour-level golf ball? According to Dave Bartels, senior director of R&D for Callaway golf balls, the answer is likely no, which is why Callaway’s new Speed Regime line of golf balls have three different constructions to suit golfers with different swing speeds.Author: Zak Kozuchowski. Is it possible for a man to insert his balls into a woman? It’s a topic I don’t want to Google. A few months ago, I was making out with a guy and he whispered to me that he wanted to insert.