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a pleasure meeting with - It was a pleasure meeting you today or It was a pleasure to meet you today?

Explanation of the English phrase "It was a pleasure meeting you.": This is a polite phrase that you say to someone that you've just met for the first time at the end of the conversation. It's a bit formal. Some more casual phrases that mean mostly the same thing are: It was nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. How do you decide when to use a more formal phrase or a more casual one to say. Apr 22, 2015 · Short Version It was a pleasure meeting you - I am referring to a period of time in the past. I recall the pleasure I felt at that point of time in the past, over the duration of the meeting that occured between us. It is a pleasure to have met yo.

“It was pleasure to meet you” vs “It was pleasure meeting you” It was pleasure to meet you." Although it is a very simple construction, I've become confused after research I've done and because I will probably use it very often in the future, I would like to ask which one . It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Your ideas on new approaches to sales in our region were insightful and a great help to me. Thank you for making time to meet with me and for sharing your thoughts. Sincerely, -----Dear Dr. Price, Thank you for seeing me yesterday.

It was really nice meeting you at the American Inbound Marketing Conference on the 14th. Your advice on landing page optimization was so helpful; I’ve actually shared your tips with my whole team. It’s been a pleasure [following your career/hearing you speak at X events/reading your work/keeping up with what you’re doing]. In Author: Aja Frost. Great meeting you today, {Name} It’s been a pleasure meeting you, {Name} If you want to get straight to business, your follow-up email subject line after meeting should be a little more official and to the point. You can try one of those: Today’s meeting takeaways. Our yesterday’s meeting follow-up.