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Why Older Men May Lack Sensation During Sex. 02/10/2016; Joan Price; Despite all that, I have lost sensitivity in the head of my penis to the extent that I neither ejaculate nor have an orgasm, whether with a partner or through masturbation. I know that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same, and I’m most concerned about the orgasm. Reduced Sensitivity. If you have significant libido (desire for sex), have the capability of an erection (even if it takes some help from pornographic media), but you have difficulty in gaining sufficient physical arousal of your penis to reach orgasm, you very likely have reduced penile sensitivity.

6 Reasons You’re Losing Sensitivity in Your Penis (if you lose an erection during sex) As men age, the skin of the penis naturally becomes less sensitive. It happens in skin all over your body. However, the lost of sensation in the penis can be compounded by nerve damage, depression, and a decline in cardiovascular health. Reduced penis sensation, or RPS, is popularly believed to be a side effect of aging. However, men as young as their teens and early twenties, as well as older men, often report lack of penis sensitivity. In some cases, the problem affects only certain parts of the penis, but some men are able to.

Feb 16, 2019 · I'm thinking this is due to the lack of sensitivity also. I don't have any issues getting to a climax masturbating. Libido wise I'd say I have a pretty decent sex drive. I've been reading as much as I can on here and there is reference to E2 levels playing a role and also HCG helping with sensitivity but I have been since on HCG since I started. What Causes Decreased Penis Sensitivity And How To Fix It? Over time, many men experience diminished penis sensitivity to some degree. This loss of sensation can be caused by numerous factors, including continual friction, circumcision, and certain common skin disorders. Lack of exercise, poor heart health and being overweight are all Author: Healthandfitness.