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Sex Slaves is a gripping documentary expose inside the global sex trade in women from the former Soviet Bloc. The film takes viewers into the shadowy, multi-billion dollar world of sex trafficking. Part cinema verité, part investigation, Sex Slaves puts a human face on 7.6/10(39). If sex trafficking is Horrifying just take a look on the documentary ZOO and now exactly whats H O R R I B L E means! But don't take it on Muslims, Muslim men merry four women because a man have needs and the women too but a women can have the right to divorce. The mans lust is way bigger than the women scientifically.7.2/10(123).

Dorina, a former sex slave from Moldova. Sex slavery is present in every country of the world. In some cases, categorised as “domestic”, women are sold into brothels within their own country. But international sex trafficking of women and children is on the rise.4.2/5(13). This is a documentary part investigation of how young women from eastern europe are lured into billion dollar global sex slave industry. Once there, they are treated like animals, raped, tortured and sometimes even killed. This whole thing work on debt, poverty, fear and corruption of govt. officials.

Sex Slaves (also Sex Slave$) is a 2005 documentary by Ric Esther Bienstock that was created in association with CBC, Channel 4 and Canal D.It provides a firsthand account of international human trafficking by going to the countries such as Moldova and Ukraine where girls are recruited, then following the trail to the various countries and locales where they end up.Directed by: Ric Esther Bienstock. Jul 11, 2017 · 4. Tricked: The Documentary (2013). While much sex trafficking, particularly abroad, looks a lot like literal enslavement, Tricked examines the psychological bonds of prostitution in the United.