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What It Feels Like To Be Fisted. By Jonah Lefholtz, June 30th 2013. Comment; Flag Flagged; or when it doesn’t hurt enough. I like being in control of when I’m ready for them to extract their fist so I can feel my body orgasm on its own, and I like having an orgasm when a fist is still in me, because there’s nothing hotter than muscles. Aug 20, 2014 · Woman A: Getting there hurt. Neither I nor my partner had fisted before (that I know of, for him) and there were some very painful false starts getting there. But while being fisted I wasn't Author: Rachel Hills.

Fisting can be painful if you aren't ready for it. But if you take it slow until you have stretched a bit you will be fine. If you do that it can be extremely fun!! The feeling of being completely filled up is amazing!!! I have gone from being fisted to sex with a little weenier and very much enjoyed that, and he did as well!! Sep 07, 2017 · I am adding some background that I think is relevant. My husband and I married as virgins. However I had a traumatic experience in my teens with a guy who invaded me with one finger without my consent. The result was that I was unable to tolerate.

Does fisting hurt and should I let my boyfriend do it? Answer #1. I have fisted a female successfully but it is a very slow process - I suggest you read up on th ewebsites dedicated to fisting. Fisting is the new taboo - like anal was in the past, however the female gets an amazing orgasm equal to none.ie: pleasure that a penis cannot. Jul 15, 2008 · In my point of you rectal fisting is way too much. Fingering is ok, anal sex is ok but what would you do with a fist inside your ass? If it is not done properly, rectal fisting could lead to internal tears, rectal and colon infections, muscle tearing, temporary fecal incontinence, ruptured bowels, etc I reckon it is way too much!