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Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Be the first to review this product. The Coratina olive variety has a naturally robust intensity due to a high level of poly-. phenols. We highlight these olives by keeping the style green with a grassy flavor and a touch of ripe cherry on the finish. The oil is best enjoyed with strong flavored foods. Our Italian Mono-Cultivar Coratina is a small-production extra virgin olive oil from a producer in Puglia, the region making up the "heel" of Italy's "boot." Made from 100% Coratina olives, hand-harvested and rigorously cold-pressed within a few short hours of being.

The Coratina olive is harvested only in our region. It is a Monovariety olive oil with an intense flavor and aroma. Enjoy its fresh grassy notes, along with its vegetal hints of . The Coratina extra-virgin olive oil Coratina is a cultivar very much present throughout the country. Originally from Corato, Apulia, the Coratina olive can be found in other regions of Italy. However, the main production area is still the province of Bari, where olive trees stretch for hundreds of metres, uninterrupted, along dry-stone walls.

Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Harvest: 2017 Country / Region: Uruguay Intensity: Robust Description: The Coratina varietal is one of the most important Italian olive varieties and is now widely cultivated in many olive growing regions around the world, and in both hemispheres. Oct 19, 2016 · Coratina olive oil is undoubtedly one of Dievole’s most prized and successful extra virgin olive oils. Indomitable and creative, tasting this monocultivar is one of those experiences that one should try at least once in a lifetime.